■■ Crystal Eikcaj™ products does not contain any water, alcohol, fillers, GMO’s or non-toxic chemicals
■ Help relieves pain and improves flexibility in joints-[product] Joint Massage Cream
■ Help keep the skin hydrated throughout the day and is used by many diabetics or
those with extremely dry skin-[product] Moisturizer Total Care
■ Help aids in relief of eczema and blemishes- [product] Moisturizer Total Care
■ Help stimulates scalp for healthy hair- [products] Hair Thickening Oil, Hair Grow Cream and a Hair Conditioner
■ No need for perfume/cologne with multiple fragrances of Whipped Shea Butter (25 fragrances) that is
used by both men and women. According to customer testimonials, the whipped shea butters
help enhance their love life because the scent remains on their body the entire day.
■ Large and small scale production
■ Crystal Eikcaj™ Skin and Hair Care, LLC in concert with CassChem, LLC (Chemist)
joined together to authenticate its products based on FDA standards.

Our products organically enhance the natural beauty & health of skin and hair.
They are sold at Meijer Rivertown Market and the Midtown Market

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Crystal Eikcaj is proud to offer some of the best organic skin and hair care products in Michigan and throughout the USA.

Crystal Eikcaj Skin & Hair Care, LLC

Kenmar Building
17515 W. Nine Mile Rd.
Suite #435
Southfield, Michigan   48075

Main Number: (313) 312-4428


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*Most Products made in USA.
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